Los Abrigos ‘Beer and Tapas’ Festival

After ‘5’ very successful years the ‘6th’ Los Abrigos Summer ‘Beer and Tapas’ Festival will be held in Tenerife once again, at the Paseo Maritimo harbour in the sleepy fishing village of Los Abrigos on Saturday 8th August 2015. The festivities -which will include several live bands rocking the day-away in the background,  will begin at 11am in the morning, and will continue for a solid 12 hours, until 11pm in the evening. By this time the majority of ex-pats, tourists and local residents alike, who have partied from dawn-to-dusk, will have filled their bellies with at least half-a-gallon of the local amber-nectar -which will be on offer for a measly €1 a glass from start to finish, along with a multitude of Spanish tapas -which the many food-stalls lining the harbour will also be dishing-out at the ‘special price’ of €1 per portion. Last year I attended the 2014 ‘Beer and Tapas’ Festival (which was held in Los Abrigos on 9th August) accompanied by my beloved daughter, Hayley, who promptly bought the first round of drinks -simply to wish her dad a “Happy Birthday” -as I was born on this day back in 1959! Doesn’t time fly when you’re living in paradise!