P.W.A. Windsurfing World Cup Tour

On Monday 3rd August El Medano Beach on the south coast of Tenerife will be swarming with people -and the waters surrounding it will be awash with professional windsurfers, as the P.W.A. (Professional Windsurfers Association) World Tour comes to the island. For 6 days competitors and enthusiasts alike will be battling it out on the glorious waves, their multi-coloured sails swishing and swaying to the rhythm of the beat, as the Atlantic trade winds continue whisking them around the beautiful bay in hypnotic circles. All of the coolest ‘surf-dudes’ from around the world will be strutting their funky stuff from ‘sun-up’ to ‘sun-down’ -and as soon as that blazing fireball in the sky has finally disappeared over a crimson horizon, leaving nothing-more than a giant shadow of the magnificent Montana Roja on the golden sandy beach, the partying will begin -BIG STYLE.