Tom ‘The Voice’ Jones will be here in Tenerife on 28th August

‘Sir’ Tom Jones (let’s be politically correct here) is coming to Tenerife on Friday 28th August, singing in concert for one night only at the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz. Tickets are starting at €65, going up to as much as €200 -but this does include a free bar! Sir Tom Jones, ‘The Voice’ ‘The Legend’ will always be a hero to the people from his ‘Green Green Grass of home’ in the valleys of South Wales -and as a fellow Welshman -from the capital city of Cardiff, I have to say that I have been an ardent fan of Tom’s for over 40 years.

“His voice will never be equaled” his millions of fans echo from all over the world -and they are probably right! How many singers of today will still be at the top level in 2065 -50 years down the line I ask myself -not many, that is for sure. Having already seen Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and Elton John in concert (musical legends in their own right) you can rest-assured that I will be singing my heart out to the chorus of ‘Delilah’ -along with thousands of adoring fans on this very auspicious occasion in sunny Tenerife.