1000 apologies for delay in posting

Hi Everybody, 1000 apologies for delay in updating, since I last posted, I have been in the UK and America and when I got back things were so hectic, I havn’t had time.

We had a great month in April, so much so we treated the staff and their partners to a weekend at Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz.

We also had great pleasure in sending another 4400 euros to our charity in Kenya, The Children of Watamu. You’ll recall that Paul and Danny generated nearly 4000 euros with our half marathon, but Sue who runs the charity asked me if we could help provide a bus to convey the children back and forth to the school. The picture shows their present mode of transport, which is dangerous and impractical, and as you probably know, we allocate 100 euros every time we make a sale, so the 4400 was the money we had saved in the meantime.

Talking about Danny, sad to say he is returning to the UK today with his girlfriend Lisa, who is expecting their first baby. Danny’s Dad passed away recently and he is returning to help care for his Mum. Will post some pics of his leaving do shortly.

Thanks for reading