‘A PLACE IN THE SUN’ Exhibition at the N.E.C. in Birmingham

The Clear Blue Skies SL “2016 tour” kicked off this year in March, with the daddy of all overseas property shows; A Place in the Sun at Manchester Central. We are delighted to report that the show was a resounding success. We met hundreds of wonderful people and were delighted to share our experience and knowledge of Tenerife with so many of them. Given that “Tenerife” and “property” are our favourite topics of conversation, not even the achy legs or blistered feet could get us down. As a result of that show we were thrilled to receive a deluge of enquiries, many of which have since turned into viewings and, ultimately, property transactions and some lovely new friendships. (Could this be the greatest job in the world?).


Buoyed by enthusiasm (and blisters healed), the Clear Blue team set off in May, for the next venue with “A Place in the Sun”, like excited teenagers. (You may have to stretch your imaginative powers to visualise that one but, really, we were loving it). This show? London! Hoorah. Once again, we were in our element and the show connected us with yet another wave of Tenerife fanatics, many of whom, since meeting us in May, have already joined us in Tenerife to realise their dreams. We feel like fairy godmothers sometimes (yes, even the boys agree).

Part 3 of the “Clear Blue Tour 2016” will see us pitching up at the famous NEC arena in Birmingham, from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September. It will be our pleasure once again to present our incredible island this time to the people of the midlands, and we are priming ourselves for a huge turnout at this ever-popular exhibition centre. As always, the beautiful stars and legends of the TV series will be gracing us with their presence and sharing their experiences. The gorgeous Amanda Lamb, Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton will be available for talks, photo opportunities and to be the object of many an embarrassing-dad crush. You may not be aware but they will also be casting for members of the public who would like to take part in the next series. How cool is that? Go on, you know you want to….


Light-hearted fun certainly won’t be in short supply, but have no doubt, this is a serious show that brings experts and exhibitors from every corner of the globe and every facet of the industry. There will be a programme of talks designed specifically for the A Place in the Sun audience, covering every detail of buying a property abroad.

We are eternally grateful for the fact that Tenerife is ultimately the destination that sells itself. The climate rarely drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the peak temperatures of the summer, despite rising nicely, never reach the intolerable heat of other destinations. Rain is considered quite a novelty, due to it’s infrequency, and yet, the mountainous terrain at the top of Mt Teide (Spain’s highest mountain) often sports a remarkable covering of snow during winter months. Quite a sight as you sunbathe on the beaches far below! Only a four hour transit from the UK, it also ticks the convenience box. And, while we’re on our soapbox, you should also know that Tenerife boasts a variety of Michelin star restaurants, and a plethora of amazing 5* resorts, yet retains its humble and inclusive charm, with a cosy tavern and a pint of local beer for less than a pound never too far away.


Here at Clear Blue Skies, we embrace any and every opportunity to prove our expertise and demonstrate the honest, transparency that has become our defining characteristic. We are proud to be considered market leaders in the Tenerife property market, and ambassadors of such an exceptional destination. We strive to ensure our portfolio is always the most accurate and complete reference for property for sale in Tenerife. We find properties of all kinds, and to suit all budgets in order to fulfil our clients hopes and dreams, and it gives us enormous pleasure and satisfaction.

We encourage anyone thinking of buying property in Tenerife with Clear Blue Skies Group SL to read as many of the 100% genuine client testimonials that are published on our website as possible. Simply put, we think this should be one of the most wonderful experiences of anyone’s life. For most of our clients, buying their own place in the sun is the culmination and reward for a lifetime of hard work, and we take our responsibility as a part of that very seriously indeed.

So, why not click onto our web-site now: www.clearbluetenerife.com to grab yourself some FREE tickets to the show in Birmingham next week?

Paul Stokes (Clear Blue Skies’ owner) and his team will be there all weekend, so please do pop onto our stand (no B54) for an informal chat about you, us and how easy it can be to become proud owners of your very own ‘Place in The Sun’ – we don’t think you’ll regret it.


PS-Coming to Glasgow in October…..Clear Blue Skies Tour 2016-part 4!