‘A PLACE IN THE SUN – LIVE’ Exhibition. Manchester 2016


After months of planning and preparation the day had finally arrived, and the staff of the Clear Blue Skies Estate Agency -including yours truly, were getting all excited in readiness for the Grand opening of ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ – a truly spectacular conglomeration of magnificent holiday-homes from around the world. Heading-up the show are the popular presenters of the television series ‘A Place in the Sun’, namely Amanda Lamb, Laura Hamilton and Jasmine Harman. Amanda, who lives in Italy with her husband and two daughters, has already found her own personal ‘Place in the Sun’, and apart from living in Portugal’s beautiful Algarve for several years, Jasmine Harman has also travelled the world whilst filming over 250 episodes of Channel 4’s award-winning series ‘A Place in the Sun – Home or Away’, which has been broadcast throughout Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

10Laura, who has bought and renovated a string of properties (her first when she was only 19 years of age) first joined the team in 2011, and since then she has become a familiar face on ‘A Place in the Sun -Home or Away’, along with making several guest-appearances on various other television shows, including ‘Dancing on Ice’ and ‘The Jump’. Apart from the obvious attraction these three lovely ladies will create over the course of this three-day event, the burning question on everyone’s lips is “What will the show itself have to offer?” Well for starters there will be over one-hundred individual exhibitors, offering anything from small plots of land to gargantuan dream-homes, that are simply ‘to die for’. Stretching from the sandy shores which encompass the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, straight across the open-waters of the Atlantic Ocean to Florida’s sub-tropical coastline, before moving down south, to the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, this abundance of exhibitors have just-about everything there is to offer both guests and visitors alike.

Apart from a great number of estate agents and property developers, who between them will be advertising a varied selection of apartments, townhouses, finca’s, gites and villas, in countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Florida and a handful of Caribbean Islands, there will also be a small group of estate agents publicising properties in the Canary Islands, primarily in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura -but there will only be ‘One’ estate agent focusing solely on the island of Tenerife, and professing the magic of owning one’s own dream home on this sub-tropical paradise….and that will be ‘Clear Blue Skies’. Heading the team will be Paul Stokes, Managing Director, and proud owner of one of the most successful estate agencies in the south of Tenerife, a company whose name is synonymous with diligence and dedication to clients looking for a place in the Sun in Tenerife -and also for owners who are wishing to sell their properties.


Designing a stage-set that would not-only display a range of properties from small studio apartments to exclusive multi-million pound villas, but could also bring to light the magnificence of scores of glorious landscapes and a spectrum of spectacular sunsets, along with expressing the numerous delights of world-class theme-parks, Michelin-Star restaurants, designer shopping centres and a plethora of themed bars and exclusive night-clubs, was not going to be easy, but thanks to exceptional designer skills and a fusion of technological wizardry the ‘Clear Blue Skies’ stand simply stole-the show, its limited carpet-space being totally obliterated with potential customers from the minute the doors opened at 10 am on the Friday morning until the close of play at 5pm on the Sunday evening.

Apart from dealing with a multitude of prospective clients the staff on the Clear Blue Skies stand also showed off the many wonders of Tenerife, including its abundance of golden sandy beaches, along with a total of ‘9’ perfectly manicured golf courses, to the many architectural landmarks and numerous historic buildings that dominate the skyline, thus confirming the reason why purchasing a permanent home or holiday home anywhere else in the world would simply be a compromise. To put it in a nutshell the whole event was a runaway success for the Clear Blue Skies Group Estate Agency, who sincerely hope that the message they brought with them will encourage people to visit this beautiful island of Tenerife, to enjoy wonderful holiday’s with their families -and also to become the proud owners of their own ‘Place in the Sun’.