…and welcome Petra

Following in the footsteps of Maria who joined us recently, we are delighted to welcome Petra Gabarova, who is of Slovakian nationality to our sales team in Clear Blue. Petra has lived in Tenerife for many years, and knows the island intimately so we are very pleased she has joined us.

As well as her other attributes, the addition of Petra’s language skills will be of huge benefit to us. As most of you know, between our existing staff, we speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Flemish, Dutch and German, however Petra speaks, in addition to her native languages Slovak & Czech, Russian, English, Spanish and German.

The Tenerife property market continues to be a challenging one, and we need every possible advantage we can get. William’s language skills have helped him enormously to sell a large number of properties, particularily to his fellow Belgians, but also French, Dutch and German clients as well, so we hope that Petra will enjoy similar success, once she has settled in.

Thanks for reading this post, Good Luck Petra,