From Brussels to Birmingham…

After the outstanding success of our William Lauwers at the International property fair in Brussels recently, our Patricia was next on the exhibition trail, attending the “A Place in the Sun” show in Birmingham NEC. Clear Blue Skies Group were there at the invitation of the Tenerife Chamber of Commerce, and were the only major Tenerife Estate Agent to participate on the stand. Patricia was assisted by myself and on the first day, my wife Louisa, shown here on the stand with Patricia. Unfortunately we were short of some stand essentials but we improvised and the Clear Blue Carrier Bags were popping up everywhere.

We made many exciting contacts of developers, other agents, journalists, and of course the many clients past, present and future who visited us on our stand. Particular thanks to Donald and Sandra Williams for their visit, Sandra looking resplendent in her Clear Blue Skies tee shirt!

Our bags were heavily laden with literature on the way to Britain (at least mine were, Patricia flew with Ryanair with their 2 ounce allowance) but I am pleased to say that all we returned with were some Tenerife tee shirts that the Chamber of Commerce provided 20 minutes before the end of the exhibition – never ones for missing an opportunity!!!

Talk soon Alan

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