The bus arrives at last…

At long last, the bus sponsored by the staff, friends and partners at Clear Blue Skies Group has arrived in Watamu in Kenya, and after frantically having the seats fitted, Sue and her team finally took it to let the kids see it.

Rather than me telling you what it meant to them, let me use Sue’s words, “Thank you Alan for your kindness and generosity, you have made a lot of people happy today. Oh Alan it was fantastic, we put lots of balloons on the bus, and when the children came home from school, they were all cheering. I took them for a ride in the bus, and the children were all singing at the top of their voices, it was brilliant, as we drove along, I thought, this is one of the happiest days of my life”

Clear Blue Skies Group and our staff and friends are proud to have helped in a small way, to make the lives of these lovely African children better, and continue to allocate money each time we make a sale to this worthiest of causes plus other fund raising ventures during the year.

Proud and Happy,

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