The Clear Blue Roadshow moves North to Glasgow

Hot on the heels of our mini exhibition and highly successful visit to Springwater Golf Club in Nottingham, the super active Clear Blue Exhibition Team were soon packing the battle bus, in readiness for our visit to the final “Place in the Sun” of 2016,on 26th & 27th of October. This was located in Scotland, in the prestigious SECC, in the centre of Glasgow.img_1829

It was with some trepidation that we made the long journey from the English midlands, as this was the first “Place in the Sun” north of the border, but we were very pleasantly surprised at how large and well organised the venue and surrounding hotels and facilities were (especially as we were competing for hotel and car parking space with one Justin Bieber, who was performing at the same venue). However we had little cause for worry about how many people would attend, because when the doors opened at 10am on the Saturday morning, a positive flood of prospective property buyers entered the hall.


The Clear Blue stand looked resplendent among the plethora of 150 competitors from France, Mainland Spain, USA, Italy, Portugal and elsewhere, but for many, it was Clear Blue they wanted to speak to, reflecting just how popular Tenerife has become as a second home venue, and how well established Clear Blue Skies Group’s reputation is. Within half an hour, clients were patiently waiting on the stand while the five strong Clear Blue team discussed in depth the benefits of purchasing property in Tenerife.


The highly organised “Place in the Sun” team ran a number of seminars, which allowed a little respite, but it’s fair to say that Saturday had almost completely gone before we could come up for air (or to be more precise, strong coffee), and by the time the doors closed at 5pm, the Clear Blue team received more genuine enquiries from that one day, than many others do in full three day exhibitions.


And so to Sunday, surely that wouldn’t be the same as Saturday? Correct – it was even busier, and we struggled to ration some items of literature as eager prospective clients piled onto the stand. Clear Blue Skies Group SL owner, Paul Stokes commented, “we were a little concerned about visitor numbers before the exhibition, but we’ve been delighted by the response, quality and quantity of new clients we’ve met here who are ready to start their own journey to property ownership in Tenerife”.


At 5 pm on Sunday, the exhibition closed, and five tired bodies proceeded to break down the stand with a mixture of exhilaration and sadness, the former due to the success of the exhibition, the latter due to leaving those wonderfully welcoming Scottish (and a substantial number of English) people behind.

I don’t know how it was for you Justin Bieber, but for Clear Blue Skies Group and Tenerife, the Scottish “Place in the Sun Exhibition” was a resounding success! Thank you Glasgow…