Normal service is resumed!

Hello All, so sorry for delay in posting, combination of being in the UK (Brrr) and France (even more brrr) but back in Tenerife and after a few days of bad weather, we are back to (honest) 25 degrees with Clear Blue Skies (where have I heard that before). For those of you familiar with our staff, our Sales Manager Suzie (pictured) is expecting her first baby, so will be missing from our offices from July till the end of 2010, but is keeping fine, so fingers crossed for the first wee Perry – Watson!

Football wise, there was none for Clear Blue Tenerife Sur last weekend because our Carnival (second biggest in the world after Rio) was on, but A team plays tonight, and B team on Saturday, so I let you know how we get on.

We are continuing to enjoy very good sales in February, keeping up the momentum from the latter part of last year and January of this year so lets hope that continues. Prices appear to have bottomed out, so the market is very ripe for development.

Kind Regards