Well done Offshore Bar

Hi all, we were delighted to enjoy an invitation from our friends in the Offshore Bar next door last night, as they celebrated their first anniversary of running the bar. Lots of their friends and customers turned up, and we were particularily happy when they told us they would be contributing to our Charity Fund, The Children of Watamu, a charity which provides accommodation and education for Children in that particularly poor part of Kenya.

As well as contributing a percentage of their takings, Ed, Natalie, Alana & Portia surprised us by producing a case of wine which had been kindly provided by their supplier Intercerveca, which Ed expertly auctioned. Thanks to our Alison raising the bar, by bidding 20€ for the first bottle, over 180€ was raised for this fantastic charity, and Ed and Nat added another 44€.

Well done guys, it’s been a tough first year for you, so to be thinking of others at this time makes it even more commendable, a huge well done to you, and I’m sure those lovely children in Kenya would love to say thank you as well xxx

Talk soon

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