Even Sugar loves Paul & Danny!

Hi everyone, how about Suzie’s dog Sugar pictured left, posing a one of the Clear blue supporters at the recent half marathon. The meter to the right seems to have stopped at 100%, but we’re actually over 108% now and we have sent 2800 euros to Kenya already. The donation keep coming in, and special thanks to my mate Worzel, the Welsh Warrier and Julie, Jim and Susan Patrick, Gordon Lamont and Lorraine, and our good friend Julie Ludlam. Guys you were great, I appreciate it, and so do the kids in Kenya. We’re open for donation till the end of April, either direct here at our office in euros or in sterling by clicking on www.justgiving.com/clearbluechildrenofwatamu and paying by credit card. If you know someone who should have contributed but didn’t, give ’em a nudge from me. Otherwise things are a bit odd in Tenerife, not so many people about since the problem with flying. Hope its going to be ok, we’re supposed to be going to UK / USA this week and next. Football wise, Clear Blue Tenerife Sur A & B both drew last weekend so not so bad.

Take care