Tenerife Pearl 17th Anniversary

Tenerife Pearl celebrates its 17th anniversary offering a 50% discount on all displayed jewellery!

This exceptional offer will only take place tomorrow Saturday 30th November 2013.

Tenerife Pearl has its own pearl farm to culture pearls. Pearl culturing means that, rather than destroying valuable natural ecosystems, they became actively preserved. Pearl farms require clean water and so the farmers make considerable efforts to look after them, creating areas of outstanding biodiversity and natural beauty. The invention of cultured pearls has both saved pearl production from extinction and given such a value to the natural environment where they’re grown that it’s protected and encouraged to blossom.

Tenerife Pearl works with cultured pearls only.

Tenerife Pearls jewellery ranges from classic and timeless models to the latest and most innovative trends, always keeping in mind the best value for money.

If you like to go to Tenerife Pearl tomorrow or any other time you can enjoy the free bus service from different points in the South to their main centre in Armeñime (Adeje).

No booking required.