Review websites, testimonials and why they matter!

The astronomical growth of the internet over the past couple of decades has turned the world upside down, giving us instant access to endless possibilities as consumers and adding a whole new dimension to the way we live, communicate, shop and socialise. It really is one of the greatest advances that we humans have experienced, and, for many of us, it is still all a bit overwhelming.

Recent Testimonial:
Very positive in every point of view. Knowledge of all aspects of the business, very friendly, helpful…. Everything tip, top

All the choices we have nowadays are only ever a couple of clicks away, but that can also be a cause for concern and apprehension. There is inevitably a high degree of anonymity in any new online relationship or transaction, and that can be a worry as we are so used to putting our faith in a person or group who we can see with our own eyes.

It’s only natural that we now seek reassurance when we are expected to put as much faith into what we see presented on our computer screen. This is why we are now seeing a boom in the popularity of review websites like tripadvisor and companies who allow their potential customers to peruse client testimonials before investing their time and money. Positive reviews and opinions of previous customers can bridge the gap between the two parties, providing that missing link of consumer confidence.

This is all too important when dealing with a company abroad, who you can’t possibly have first hand knowledge of, which is why, at Clear Blue Skies estate agents in Tenerife, we have been doing this for years and have over 350 client testimonials available to view on our website at any time. We believe many of our clients have been reassured by the countless glowing reviews and that has contributed to our ongoing success in selling property here in south Tenerife. We are pretty proud of what our clients say about us. Why not have a look for yourself at Clear Blue Skies Group S.L. Testimonials?