30th May, Day of the Canary Islands

The autonomous region of the Canary Islands celebrates on May 30th , the Day of the Canary Islands, a big party in honor of the canary spirit and people. It commemorates that on this day back in 1983 the first session of the Canarian Parliament  took place, the legislative body which establishes the statute of autonomy in the Canaries.

The Day of the Canary Islands is a cultural celebration related to the canary identity with many events where the people participate with traditional costumes, folk music and traditional sport exhibitions which reflect the original nature of a culture that has preserved part of its history as well as managed to create new ways of expressing its way of living and the feeling of its surroundings.

Many cultural activities and celebrations are arranged for the Day of the Canary Islands each year. Celebrations are held during the day and into the evening on the Day of the Canary Islands. They include:

  • Special church services.
  • Traditional sports events such as “lucha canaria” (canarian fight).
  • Public and private parties.
  • Tastings of traditional foods and wine from the Canary Islands.
  • Displays of cattle pulling sleighs.
  • Domestic animal shows.
  • Concerts featuring traditional music.
  • Exhibitions showcasing art and crafts made by people living on the Canary Islands.
  • Communal meals.

If you live in Canary Islands or you are on holidays here on that date you can spend a fantastic day joining the Canarian people in any of the many celebrations taking place all around the seven islands, enjoying Canarian hospitality, traditions, food and wine.