Go-carting in Tenerife

Go-carting must be one of the most enjoyable -and certainly the most enthralling fun-sport in the book- well in my eyes it is anyway! One of the great things about go-carting is that one can start at such an early age -in fact from as young as ‘6’ at the Karting Club Tenerife -which is where I took my three off-springs on one of their first visits to the island. Getting behind the wheel of a motorised vehicle was such a thrill for my daughter, Hayley, who was barely ‘7’ at the time -and the thought of tearing-up the tarmac with his dad around a race-track was music to my eldest son, Liam’s ears, although Carl, my youngest son, was more than a little apprehensive about being able to control a vehicle with both an accelerator and a brake pedal -something he had never attempted before, I must confess!

However, my nine-year-old sons’ biggest fears were soon dispelled, as our instructor carefully explained the controls to the four of us, before outlining all of the safety aspects of driving a go-cart on a professional race-track. Because Liam was eleven years old he was able to drive a more powerful go-cart than his little brother and sister -and he would also be able to use the 1,200m long x 8m wide ‘Senior’ racetrack, whereas Carl and Hayley would have to use smaller sized engines -and also drive-around the 250m long ‘junior’ track -at somewhat slower speeds that their big brother and papa, I might add. As soon as our safety helmets had been securely fastened and duly adjusted by our Marshall, our go-carts were immediately started -and we promptly plonked ourselves down on the small wooden seats, our posteriors only inches above the ground, while the rest of our bodies rattled with the heartbeat vibrations of a throbbing and pulsating two-stoke engine.

Then the chequered flags went up -and while Carl and Hayley drove along-side one-other at a steady pace, Liam kept his foot firmly to the floor, screeching around every corner and side-sweeping every bend, in order to prevent his ‘old-man’ from passing him on the track -which, incidentally, I had no-intentions of doing, as he would never have forgiven me had I beaten him on his first-ever ‘big-time’ race. And so the laps rolled-by and the adrenaline continued to flow, as the madding crowd continued cheering us on, Liam throwing his fist in the air, as he lapped me around the circuit for the second time, while Carl was busy getting his go-cart reversed by one of the track attendants, having ploughed into a pile of barrier tyres on one of the hairpin bends a few seconds earlier.

Before we knew it the signs for the ‘final lap’ were being shown, which in Liam’s case it was a ‘lap-of-honour’, as he proudly celebrated trouncing his dad from start to finish. Since enjoying this epic mini-adventure, things have moved forward for the Karting Club Tenerife -and today this world-class racing track boasts no-fewer than ‘6’ different types of go-carts for their guests to use, ranging from the 120 cc ‘Pony’ go-cart for 6 to 9 year-olds, to the 180 cc ‘Cadete’ go-cart for 10 to 14-year-olds, the 200 cc ‘Competicion’ go-cart for the 15 to 17-year-olds -and finally the ‘270 cc ‘Superkart’ and the 400 cc ‘Superkart Especial’ go-carts for the over 18’s. There is also the ‘160 cc ‘Biplaza’ dual-go-cart for adults with one passenger between 3 and 5-years of age. The Karting Club Tenerife also offers ‘3’ types of race-meetings for private groups of 25 or more persons. Top of the list is the ‘Super Grand Prix’, which costs €65 per person and lasts for 2 hours, followed by the  ‘Grand Prix’, at €45 per head, which lasts for one hour -and then finally the ‘Mini-Prix’, which costs €40 and lasts for 30 minutes. A bottle of Cava, along with a diploma’s is given to the lucky winners of each race, along with diploma’s for the 2nd and 3rd place entrants -and all established times are recorded. And so for those of you who have never entertained the thought of racing around a go-carting track before…now might just be the perfect opportunity.