How’s the weather in the UK?

Sorry, couldn’t resist it, the weather here in South Tenerife has been lovely, even nicer than normal. We visited the UK over Christmas and it was cold then, and it’s got colder since, but it seems that it either getting better now, or the authorities are becoming used to it, and getting their act together.

The Tenerife Property market still seems pretty busy, we had a hectic final quarter to 2009, and there are bargains to be had. Some British owners are realising that with the pound / euro still being around 1.10, if they sell now, even at a low price, they can get more for their money in pounds.

Football still remains of of our big pre-occupations in Tenerife, the professionals lost 5-0 to the mighty Barcelona last weekend, while our own predominately British team (sponsored by Clear Blue Skies Group), Clear Blue Tenerife Sur, had mixed fortunes, with the A team losing 4-1 to the classy Cerro, and the B team drawing 1-1 with El Carmen in a physical battle, both at the postage stamp ground in El Medano.

Hope you find our blog of interest, now we have everything sorted, hope to post several times per week.