Jet Ski Safari’s in Tenerife

Jet-skiing around the south coast of Tenerife is more than just a fun excursion; indeed it is both an exhilarating and exciting experience that one will never, ever forget. My first ride on a jet-ski came right out of the blue one day, whilst I was in the middle of building a multi-storey sandcastle with my three children, Liam, Carl and Hayley, on Las Americas Beach. My daughter was contentedly filling her bucket with water from the ocean (which she intended pouring into the moat I had just built around our ‘castle’) when she suddenly spotted a guy bombing-along the horizon on a jet-ski -and immediately she was hooked! Before I knew it I was booking the four of us in for an hour-long jet-ski ride around Las Americas Bay. My initial problem was the fact that there were ‘3’ of my children -and only ‘1’ of me -and so I negotiated a deal with the excursion company that each of my off-springs would enjoy a 20-minute ride on the back seat of my jet-ski -and that one of the jet-ski instructors would bring-out the second and third pillion-riders -i.e. Liam and Carl, (as Hayley had already decided that she was going first) to me, and we would swap-over the children accordingly.

The stage was now set -and so after the four of us had been duly attired with our respective life-jackets -and I had been shown the very-basic controls of the jet-ski, Hayley and I took-off into the wide-blue-yonder, my little girl waving frantically to her two big brothers, as we gently cruised over the top of the ocean, before slowly disappearing into the distance. Within minutes my confidence was on an all-time high, and having ridden and raced motor-cycles for over a decade, I have to say that my adrenaline levels weren’t far behind it. Faster andĀ faster I rode, causing Hayley to scream with delight, as the waves thrashed all around us -and her grip on my life-jacket increased to strangulation proportions, while the pair of our backsides bounced mercilessly on and off the huge seat with each swell of the water, as we hit the cross-currents head-on. And then came our first turning-point in the water -which certainly was an experience, as we virtually came to a grinding halt, before gently turning the jet-ski around -for fear of falling-off the blessed thing!

And then we were off again, as I ripped the throttle wide open, and the front end of the jet-ski pulled a mini-wheelie, before catapulting us through the air with the greatest of ease, as we became airborne for the umpteenth time -before hitting the water with a ‘bump’ once again…and again…and again. By the time we got backĀ to the breakwater (our prearranged meeting-point) our instructor was patiently waiting for us on his jet ski, and so after a little-bit of cautious manoeuvring from all four of us, Hayley and Liam had soon swapped pillion seats. Now it was Liam’s turn for the adrenaline rush of his life, as I thoroughly enjoyed repeating the performance of my previous ride with Hayley, Liam hanging-on for grim death as we tore-up the liquid Tarmac like there was no tomorrow. And then came the turn of my beloved son, Carl -the mild-mannered one of the bunch, whom I had decided to take my time with, as I knew that he would be somewhat more nervous than the other two.

As the instructor and I carefully aligned our jet-skis, in readiness for the changeover, Liam prepared to dismount his seat -when suddenly Carl flung the top half of his torso off the pillion seat of the instructors jet-ski, whilst at the same time slamming his hands down on the back of my bike, thus causing the pair of us riders to lose our balance and control of the bikes for a few seconds, before regaining our composure. By now Carl’s feet were standing on the platform of my learned-friends’ jet-ski, while his body was leaning precariously over the gap in-between our bikes (a gap which was widening by the second, I might add) -and his hands were gripping onto the tailpiece of my bike like it was his only lifeline! Unfortunately my friend and I were both powerless in stopping the movement of the rear-ends of our bikes, and so within seconds Carl had belly-flopped into the water -with me and our instructor following-in directly after him, of course -even though he was afloat again within seconds. As soon as he had finished wiping his eyes Carl simply looked up at me and said: “Dad -I fell in” -which met with raptures of hysterical laughter from his captive audience -who had already realised that! Needless to say that Carl’s ride was a very sedate one.

Just like all of the water sport companies, many of which have been here in Tenerife for over two decades, times have moved-on with the jet-skiing experience -and strictly enforced safety-measures have also been set in place, due to the increased amount of sea-going vessels which are currently traversing Tenerife’s coastline. The area of Los Gigantes, on the west coast of Tenerife is a favoured spot nowadays for ‘Jet-ski Safari enthusiasts, because apart from boasting a truly stunning coastline, it also benefits from having a world of marine wildlife at its fingertips, including the incredible ‘flying fish’ -and the wonderful whales and dolphins, of course, which are ever-present in the relatively warm waters which surround the island. There are also numerous coves and bays to discover, along-with fascinating volcanic caves -and one or two quaint little fishing villages, which jet-skiers can explore at their leisure.

A company called ‘Jest-Ski Tenerife’ are currently offering a choice of ‘3’ jet-ski safari excursions, entitled ‘Discover Tenerife’, ‘Explore Tenerife’ and ‘V.I.P. Tenerife’. These safari’s encompass some amazing experiences, including passing the awe-inspiring cliffs of Los Gigantes, which tower 600 metres above the water-line -and are the highest cliffs in Europe, snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of Masca Bay -and swimming-around the amazing creek of Barranco Seco -with the assistance of a bladefish -a quite unique underwater propelling device. The V.I.P trip also includes discovering the whole of the Los Gigantes National Park, having a sumptuous buffet lunch at the El Vesuvio Restaurant in the village of Puerto Santiago, calling-in at the black-sandy beaches of Playa-De-La-Arena -and enjoying a 20km jaunt along the beautiful coastline to the wonderful fishing village of Playa San Juan. Anyone wishing to embark on one of the above adventures can call ‘Jet-Ski Safari’ on (0034) 922 090 009 or mobile (0034) 675 612 606 -or alternatively simply pop down to any one of the many beaches in the south of Tenerife who are offering jet-ski excursions -and do exactly as I did!