British Schools in Tenerife

So, following on from the last blog post, this post is going to cover British Schools in Tenerife, and hopefully provide some useful information about moving to Tenerife with your kids.  If you are already living in Tenerife, perhaps this blog will help you decide where to school your kids here, or perhaps the information you read here and in other posts will help you to help someone else who is seeking answers on this subject.

So, we are extremely fortunate to have a selection of privately run British Schools in Tenerife, from the north of the island to the south.  Some of the smaller ones have come and gone over the years so we will focus on the schools that have been established for some time, and have gained positive reputations.

The first school we will mention is the privately owned Wingate School in Cabo Blanco, South Tenerife.  This is an extremely popular school which strives for high standards and offers an educational programme for 3-18 year olds, closely following the UK national curriculum.  There is a nursery, reception class, Infant department, Junior department, Senior  department (studying for GCSE’s) and Sixth Form (studying for A  Levels).  This school tends to be multi-cultural, but has a traditional British School vibe.  As the school is so highly sought after, it operates waiting list, so applying as early as possible is a must.  There are limited catering services at this school, packed lunches are the norm.

A Wingate School Pupil
A Wingate School Pupil

Next are the International British Yeoward School and Trinity School in La Orotava, North Tenerife, which amalgamated in 2010 to form the British School of Tenerife. Again, this is a well thought of school, which offers a playgroup, Nursery, Reception, Infant, Junior, Senior and Sixth Form education in line with the UK curriculum. There are catering facilities on site and it recently received a favourable inspection report by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS).

There is also a smaller British school in the north of the island, Saint Andrews School in El Sauzal.  The school provides education following the British national curriculum for ages 2 – 12.

In the south, there is another small British School called the Callao Learning Centre, this school has less formal arrangements, and is fairly flexible in terms of attendance as it is considered to be a preparation school for mainstream education.

It is also worth mentioning the private Spanish School, Luther King School in Aldea Blanca, as this school delivers many of its classes in English, although the educational system is as per the Spanish system.  It can provided a gentler introduction to Spanish schooling for kids who don’t yet speak Spanish proficiently, and they tend to be very accommodating to English speaking children and parents.  They also have excellent facilities.

I do hope that this information is of help to you, and I will continue to try to help with some of the more common issues that arise for ex-pats and those who are planning or thinking of a move to Tenerife including finding a property, healthcare, jobs, learning Spanish and many more subjects.