Palm Mar -The ‘Jewel in Tenerife’s Crown’

Rocky beach at Palm Mar
Palm Mar’s rocky beach

Palm Mar is regarded as ‘The jewel in Tenerife’s crown’ for many of the residents of this relatively small town, which is tastefully hidden-away in the south western corner of the island. Located between the GuazaMountain on one side and the hills of El Fraile on the other, Palm Mar benefits from its own micro-climate -along with having on its doorstep one of the most beautiful nature-reserve areas in the whole of Tenerife. This somewhat modern neighbourhood began life many years ago, initially taking shape in the early 80’s, before becoming a boom-town for construction in the mid 90’s. Within a decade the area boasted a host of top-quality complexes, such as ‘Los Balandros’, CapeSalema’, Laderas de Pal Mar -and the magnificent Bahia De Los Menceyes -to name but a few.

Entrance to Palm Mar
‘Welcome to Palm Mar’

I first visited the area at the turn of the century, when everyone was welcoming-in the new Millennium -and I have to say that I was seriously impressed with what I saw -so impressed in fact that I almost bought a second home here! Over the last 15 years Palm Mar has continued to expand at a rate of knots -and yet despite its continuing growth it still retains its quaintness as a ‘sleepy-town’, with an air of tranquility and peacefulness that seems unequalled in urban areas elsewhere on the island. However, one should not mistake this calmness and serenity as an excuse for being dull and boring -because believe me when I say that Palm Mar is far from being a ‘Ghost Town’. After taking a gentle stroll along the beautiful promenade, whilst listening to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean swishing gently over the rocky shoreline, I decided to embark on a reconnaissance walk of the surrounding area -just to see what Palm Mar had to offer to both tourists and residents alike.

The promenade at Palm Mar
Palm Mar’s promenade

First on the list was to check-out the bars and restaurants of course, of which there were plenty. From ‘Carl’s Pantry’ to ‘Clouseau’s Sports Bar’, the ‘Punta Rasca Tasca Bar’ to the ‘Palm Bar’ and the ‘Bon Appetite Bar’ to the ‘Lounge and Tapas Bar’, one was simply spoilt for choice when it came to selecting ones favourite tipple. Then I stumbled-upon the ‘Guancinche’ bar-cum-restaurant, a pristinely-clean establishment which was currently offering a choice of no-less than ’25’ different Spanish delicacies for only €3.60 for an individual portion, along with entrecote grills for €5.60 -and fillet steaks for only €8.60 -but only on certain days! Apart from the local cuisine, there were also foods on offer from all four corners of the globe, including two Italian restaurants called ‘Pizzeria Pattriacca’ and ‘El Pascaito Da Vinci’, an Indian restaurant, charmingly entitled ‘Spice and Silk’, two Chinese restaurants, aptly named ‘Chopstix’ (a Sushi bar) and ‘The Peninsula -Hong Kong’, the Boabab Pastelleria -and SFG’s -a typical fast-food take-away, offering the likes of burgers, hot-dogs, pizzas and kebabs -the perfect end to a night-out on the town.

Palm Mar's Nature Reserve
Palm Mar’s Nature Reserve

Apart from all of the eateries and watering-holes Palm Mar also boasts an abundance of alternative outlets, such as beach-wear and souvenir shops, a mixture of mini-markets and supermarkets, various clothing boutiques, a herbal chemist, a unisex hairdressing salon, a diving school -and a massive gymnasium. There is even a pet-shop and veterinary service for all of the animal lovers who live in the area -and last-but certainly not least, Palm Mar has one of the most required establishments in every town, village and city in Spain and the Canary Islands -and that is a ‘Santander Bank’. Before leaving this quaint little corner of Tenerife, I called into the Bahia Beach Bar – a tropical oasis sitting peacefully adjacent to the ocean, which not only boasts a selection of delicious and unique cocktails for one to savour -along with a specially prepared menu for its honoured guests to enjoy, but it also has a selection of Balinese beds, a massage tent, various swing-hammocks -and even a volley ball net for the more discerning beach-bum -all of them sitting on a bed of white Caribbean sand. This truly was luxury personified -and I for one, never wanted to leave.