Phew, it’s getting warm here!

Hi everyone, as I told you in my last post, we were very sad to say “Adios” to our colleague and friend Danny Davis and his lovely fiancee Lisa who is expecting their first baby in a few months. But before they left to return to the UK, we had a special night out for them in Rauls (Alison’s fiancee) Tapas restaurant in Golf del Sur. The company was lovely, the food was fantastic, shame that the lovely cake made by Alison had an England flag on it (only kidding, come on England, not). Latest news from Danny is that he’s got a job already, we’re all dead chuffed for him.

Other news is that Clear Blue Tenerife Sur won both A and B games this weekend, 3-2 and 4-1 respectively. The weather is hotting up, and I played about 50 minutes and was exhausted at the end, 28 degrees is too warm to play football in. Only 2 games each left, possibly some problems this week getting players with the England game on Saturday. Talk soon

Thanks for reading