Are property prices increasing in Tenerife?

Well, according to “El País”, one of the most prestigious newspapers in Spain, YES, they are increasing. Last year, the increase of the property prices in Canary Islands was the highest in all Spain,  3.56 %, and the expectations for this year are similar. The second Spanish region where the prices increased last year was Aragon, an interior North-East area, with an increase of 1.9%, so the difference in prices between Canary Islands and the rest of Spain is getting larger.

So, what does all this mean? First of all, that the times to find cheap properties, bargains and bank repossessions in Tenerife are nearly gone now. Second, that Canary Islands is technically out of the property crisis, consolidating the islands as the strongest property market in Spain. Third, it is very good news for those who are thinking to buy a property under the Spanish sun, as in case of selling in the future, the investment is guaranteed. Any property here is great value for money.

Click here to see the original “El Pais” article (in Spanish):

The sterling pound is living a golden era agai,n so for the British investors Tenerife is the “right here, right now” opportunity. Also, the local banks are getting more flexible and it is easier now to get a mortgage in order to buy a property.

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