Restaurante Sebastian is open / esta abierto!!!

Sebastian is open and already has a small but loyal following. Opened for business only one week, one guest dined with us 4 times in 5 days, and a number of guests have enjoyed our hospitality on more than one occasion. The target of 1st December was achieved, after only 3 weeks, huge credit to Carl Hughes and his team who enjoyed a meal on the 2nd of December, accompanied by about a dozen guests who sat down and joined us. The 3rd of December saw Sebastian officially open to the public, and despite the problems of the weather in the UK, the Spanish air traffic controllers, and the weather in Tenerife which has been less than helpful, we have enjoyed an ever increasing number of guests each night. Tonight we had to, with huge regret, turn away some guests, as the Sebastian was already full, mostly with prior bookings. So great credit to Raul and his team, whose food is simply wonderful. Still got a couple of little things to do, but it’s 99% complete, so if you’re here, why not ring us on 676 680 618 and book a table.

Clear Blue continues to drive forward, with record November sales, with Paul selling more than 2m euros worth of property himself, plus at least one sale from each of our other 4 sales people. If you are in Tenerife this Christmas, be sure to drop in and say hello.

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