Summer’s here!

So what do you think this is a picture of? Our holiday in Meribel? A mountain in Scotland? The Swiss Alps? Nope, none of those, this is a picture of Mount Teide from a couple of weeks ago taken by our friend Andy from Sun4free, and even today, where temperatures have settled around 24 degrees C after the recent Calima, there is still snow on Mount Teide!

For those interested in our team Clear Blue Tenerife Sur, I’m afraid last weekend wasn’t so good, A team lost 3-0, and the B team lost 5-4.

The donations keep coming in to our fund raising for the Children of Watamu, with our good friend and Solicitor Carlos Diez contributing 150 euros, and my son Alan chipped in 50 quid, so we are now over 50% of our 3000 pounds target. Thanks to you all

Talk soon Alan