The ‘Tenerife Bluetrail 2015’ Marathon Race

The ‘Tenerife Bluetrail 2015’ race, which has been organised by the Island Council, will be staged on 24th October this year -and the fact that this year’s event has been included as part of the FEDME Spanish Mountain Racing Cup, means that it will encourage competitive runners from all over Europe to join in the challenge. A maximum of 2,000 runners are being allowed to enter the race -and as over 1,200 have already registered their entries, it means that both time and availability are running-out swiftly for those who are hoping to be included in this somewhat prestigious event. The race encompasses a total of ‘5’ different levels, including the 5 km ‘Adapted Route’, which is ideal for beginners, along with the 20 km ‘Medium Route’, which must be completed within the space of four hours. This second race will begin at 8 am at the Plaza de San Augustin in Los Realejos and conclude at Lago Matianez in Puerto de la Cruz. Third on the list is the 43 km ‘Marathon’ run, which reaches an altitude of 1,752 meters  (that’s just over ‘one mile’ above sea-level) which begins at the Pista de Mamio in Aguamansa at 8 am in the morning and must be completed by 5 pm in the afternoon (i.e. a maximum duration of ‘9’ hours).

The ‘Trail Course’ is the second-highest in the ranking -a 66 km jaunt which again begins at 8am in the morning, only this time it starts at the Santa Catalina de Vilaflor -and the contestants have a maximum of ’14’ hours to complete the arduous climb to an altitude of 2,500 metres. The showpiece of this spectacular event is a ’97 km’ endurance race, entitled the ‘Ultra Tenerife Bluetrail’ which entrants must complete within 23 hours. The race begins at Midnight on 24th October, from Los Cristianos -and the finish-line (which should be crossed on that very same day by the majority of the contestants) will be in Puerto de La Cruz, after having already traversed Mount Teide, at a height of 3,555 metres above sea-level. This ultimate challenge is the most-important race for the serious competitors, as it is the results from this one which will count towards the Spanish Mountain Racing Cup.