Tenerife: A Diamond with many Facets

Tenerife: A Diamond with many facets!

Many visitors to Tenerife never get beyond the huge resort that is Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos in the South of Tenerife, but this represents only a fraction of the sights and experiences one can enjoy in this island full of contrasts.

Tenerife is the biggest island in the Canary islands with over 2000km2 (785 miles2)and Spain’s most populated island with over 900,000 residents. The island’s capital is Santa Cruz, about one hours drive along the mototway TF1 from the southern resorts of Las Americas and Los Cristianos, and is a modern, cosmopolitan city, well worth visiting.

Santa Cruz Port with the Auditorium to the left

It’s often difficult to speak of North and South in an island which is essentially triangular in shape, oddly similar to the shape of the Nike “tick”.  In the very North of Tenerife about 20 minutes drive by motorway from Santa Cruz, one can find the resort of Puerto de la Cruz, the first town to be exploited for tourist purposes. Puerto de la Cruz has welcomed tourists from other, usually more northern countries since the 19th century, originally people seeking its benign climate, to help with health problems. The North of Tenerife is much more lush and green than the sunnier south, due to the proximity of MountTeide, the highest peak in Spanish Territory at 3718m. This mountain, which in winter is often snow covered, causes precipitation, which results in a slightly damper and rainier climate than that found in the South.

A view over Puerto de la Cruz

There are of course many other wonderful places to visit, Garachico, a small town near Puerto de la Cruz, which was partially destroyed during the last major eruption of Mount Teide in 1706, and Buenavista in the very north west corner, with it’s links golf course and rugged coastline, A little south of Buenavista, the deep gorges of Masca can be found, with it’s magnificent views and precarious roads at the foot of the Teno mountains, then carrying on south, the town of Los Gigantes, with it’s 800m high cliffs is located on the western coast. These are but a few of the many places to visit in Tenerife, only a short distance from the tourist resorts of the South, yet a world apart from them in natural aesthetic beauty and tranquility.

Los Gigantes town and harbour as seen from the cliffs

In this blog, we will feature regularly the many facets of Tenerife, in an effort to encourage Tenerife visitors to spread their wings and see what else this wonderful island has to offer!


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