The ‘Jungle Park’ (Las Aguilas Eagle Park)

I first visited the ‘Jungle Park’ when it was known as the ‘Las Aguilas (Eagle) Park’ over a decade ago, and I have to say the park has grown in leaps and bounds over the last ten years. I remember the The ‘Birds of Prey Show’ being exceptionally good at the time, with huge eagles gliding through the air with the greatest of ease, and enormous falcons flapping their wings and dive-bombing through the clouds like Kamikaze pilots, before putting-on the breaks and coming to rest on giant gauntlets held by their owners. I was also intrigued by the vultures, with their massive wing-spans -and their indestructible digestive systems, which can apparently devour almost anything on the planet! Apart from housing a wide variety of hunting birds the Jungle park also have a menagerie of beautiful birds from all over the world, such as ibises, cranes, swans, flamingos, storks, numerous parrots, marabous and macaws -to name but a few!

So now that it is called the ‘Jungle Park’ what else can one expect to see? Well, how about a whole host of jungle primates, such as  orangutans from Borneo and Sumatra, lemurs from Madagascar, Titi monkeys from Brazil, capuchin monkeys from the US, various gibbons -including the Siamang from Malaysia, the saimiri ‘squirrel’ monkey from Central and South America and Asia, a group of lovable chimpanzees -and last, but by no-means least, the Debrazzas, or ‘white-bearded monkey -which is also known as the ‘Bishop monkey’ due to its white beard, which gives it a rather solemn look.

Apart from this mass of primates the park also encompasses a variety of BIG cats, such as a pair of white lions from South Africa, a Bengal tiger from India and one of the very few White Tigers of Rewa, with its immaculately white coat and piercing blue eyes, an ensemble of leopards and jaguars -two of the worlds greatest predators -and also the most ferocious felines on the planet -and finally the pumas -also known as Florida panthers, red tigers and mountain lions.

Moving on to reptiles, the Jungle Park houses a variety of these cold-blooded creatures, such as crocodiles and caimans, snakes iguanas and turtles, along with a selection of ‘more-lovable’ creatures, such as meerkats, racoons and the humbolt penguin.

There is also a family of sea-lions, consisting of 6 females and 2 males, all of which will be happy to entertain you with their fabulous Sea-Lion Show. So now you know why the Las Aguilas (Eagle) Park has now rightly earned the name of ‘Jungle Park’ -and also why it is one of the biggest attractions in the south of Tenerife. Go for it.