Loro Parque -The Largest Parrot Sanctury In The World

Since first opening in 1972 Loro Parque has become one of Tenerife’s biggest attractions, having played host to over 40 million visitors to date -and it still attracts around 1 million tourists every year. ‘Loro’ Parque’, which effectively means ‘Parrot’ Park’, is home to over 4,000 parrots, which includes 350 species and sub-species of these multi-coloured -and somewhat intelligent creatures, making it the largest parrot sanctuary in the world. Over the last 40-odd years the park has grown extensively, broadening its horizons and bringing-in a multitude of animals, mammals, fish and reptiles from all over the world.

These include a selection of tigers and jaguars, along with a collection of gorillas and chimpanzees, otters and sea-lions, alligators, iguanas, flamingos and giant tortoises, to name but a few. To add to its ‘claims-to-fame’ the park also boasts the ‘World’s Largest indoor Penguin Exhibition’, the Longest Shark Tunnel in Europe -and Europe’s largest dolphin show pool. It is also only the second place in Europe to house Orca Whales. Having visited Loro Parque on several occasions I have to say that in my opinion it equals anything which Florida has to offer -maybe even more!