HUMPHREY, the new member of Clear Blue Skies

Clear Blue Skies is only happy to introduce you our new staff member HUMPHREY!!

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Humphrey is an 18 months Airedale Terrier who has joined us only recently. He is a funny little prince who has found a happy home in sunny Tenerife. He is a tough and strong dog, very intelligent and a bit stubborn. He loves to do excercise, specially playing football. He is not a big barker but he loves to dig in the garden and chew anything he steals, a real hunting dog. He always looks for human interaction to be happy and that makes him loooovely!!!! He is very very cute.

Airedale Terriers can still be seen today working as hunting dogs for both large and small game, in police work  and as wonderful family companions. Airedales are seen too in agility and obedience competitions. Maybe we can see our Humphrey in competitions soon!!

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More news about Humphrey soon.