Wine harvest time in Tenerife

The Canarian wines were the main income source during three centuries. The first grape fruit plants arrived on the island in the XV century with the Spanish conquerors and European colonizers, and thanks to the variety of its origins, the best wine stocks were introduced in the Canaries from Europe, which explains the variety richness existing on the islands.

The elaboration of the Tenerife wines is divided along the island into five D.O. (denominación de origen, designation of origin). The main characteristic that we can find in the wine elaboration is the wide variety of grapes that are cultivated on the island, due to the climate, the temperature, the humidity, the trade winds and the volcanic grounds.

The northern part of the island the O.D. Tacoronte de Acentejo has the biggest stock of varieties of wine on the island and the most cultivated surfaces on the island. The major production is red wine. It was the first D.O. acknowledged as producer of Tenerife wines in 1992.

With the Teide volcano as background, the D.O. Ycoden Daute Isora, in the north east is an area of small famous wine cellars. The white wines are excellent and compile the largest part of the production. They also elaborate tasteful rosè wines and delicious red wines. It was the second D.O. acknowledged as wine producer in Tenerife in 1995.

The D.O. Valle de Güimar, in the Güimar Valley region, situated in the oriental southern part of the island of Tenerife, constitutes one of  the highest wine areas in Spain. The elaboration of white, young and fresh wines prevails. It was the 4th D.O. acknowledged as producer of Tenerife wines in 1996.

The wine yards of D.O. Abona, in the south, are the sunniest and with less rainfall on the island and are situated on the hillsides of the Teide volcano. They mainly produce white wines, but also red and rosè wines. It is the most recent D.O. producer of Tenerife wines.

Since the end of the year 2000, the Tenerife wines have been awarded prizes and award winners in many local, national and international exhibitions. The Canary Islands are qualified as a paradise of wine and grape growing, and enjoy a fantastic present and a splendid future. The Tenerife wines are gaining adepts with a vertiginous rhythm.

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